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What is money good for, if not for doing good!
What is education good for, if not for becoming better!

We all have all of this, but what are we doing to give it back and uplift our society?
Youth.Dance.Festival is an initiative taken up by the young and enthusiastic activists of Manish Nagar to bring light to these underprivileged.

Sowing seeds in 2014, WE the Youth of Today choose to make time for these kids and give them an evening filled with entertainment and put up a smile on their face. YDF empowers many young girls by providing them with the best of stationery neccesities, sports equipments, books and care-filled mentoring. We encourage scholorships for every girl who wants to achieve her dreams, with The Joy Of Giving.

Year-On-Year we wish to accomplish more and do better making these kids realize their goals and set their ambitions.

We Believe In The Power To Entertain.Empower.Educate

We would like to share with you our story of how this all started.

So, one evening four of us friends, who have closely grown up together were sitting at our usual spot celebrating the weekend. How important is for all of us youngsters to party and spend time with our loved ones and feel good about life? Very important, isnt it?

Indulged in our regular conversations, laughing and joking we realized that we are blessed to have each other and have the life we wish to live where we can go out watch a movie, eat dinner at a fancy restaurant, watch a live concert and tick of our bucket list one by one.

All of us being pure empathetic at nature, came to realise at that moment that there are thousands and millions of kids like us who want to go out to enjoy, celebrate and make friends but are not able to do so because of either money crunch or loss of families.
We decided then and there and made a promise to create a festival for these kids, give them one evening to experience and share the same joy.

Childhood is meant to be celebrated each and everyday. Its not only about education and learning it is also about tapping your personality and talents to bloom into a better flower. This can be achieved only when they are exposed to the world around and meet like-minded people who encourge them to showcase their hidden talent.

To tap into the talent of these children and give them a bag full of entertainment, we developed the idea of Youth.Dance.Festival. and began by inviting girls from various NGO’s around our vicinity. We make them play, we make them participate, we make them sing and we make them dance which brings a huge smile on their faces.

Over time, with the growth of these girls YDF has grown too. We are now a team of 60+ happy souls who take out time every month and come up with creative ideas to engage with these girls and continue The Joy Of Giving.

This growth has further helped us to expand our dreams of empowering these girls to achieve their ambition and generate funds to provide for scholorships so they can complete their education.

YDF promotes the well-being of these girls and gives them the right direction and nuturing like a family.

Today, at the same spot we share the same vibe multiplied by a thousand smiles and thus we call it Our Happy Place.

We would love to involve you in our tribe and make this the largest heart- touching talent festival anyone has ever seen.

Think you got the talent ? Bring out your passion of art and culture!!

We at YDF encourage you to showcase your talent and compete with a wide range of varied artists.
This is your chance to use your talent to entertain and inspire the most spectacular audience.
Register To Enroll.

A few rules to follow :

  1. Registration Fee is Rs. 1000/-
  2. First 16 teams to register will be selected.
  3. OTSEs are not allowed.
  4. No of participants : 6-10 per team.
  5. Time limit : Minimum 3 mins and maximum 5 mins.
  6. Props are allowed.
  7. No obscenity & vulgarity.
  8. Pre-recorded audio cds are compulsary.

To gratify your presence the winner gets -

1st prize - + Rs.15,000/-
2nd prize - + Rs.10,000/-

For registration, please contact - Vicky : 9619777372 Ganesh : 9167433802